Thursday, February 2, 2012

Creative Boost

Do you ever get in a creative funk?!

Sometimes I feel like I can't get out of it, I don't have enough time in my day, or I just can't seem to stay true to myself. And to be completely honest I sometimes blame things like pinterest. There are so many amazing things on there, and then I can't seem to think of my own. But don't get me wrong I love the help it does provide.

So the beginning of the year I told myself that one of my goals, trust me there are many, was to allow my creativity to play a larger role in everyday. But how to get out of the after holiday's funk?!?

Enter Fat Mum Slim. She is a genius. She lives in Australia. She has the summer right now while have this blah of a blah winter. And she created this nice thing called photo a day.

What is it you ask? Well with the convenience of our smart phones we have a camera everywhere we go. She gives a subject for each day and you interpret how ever you would like and take a picture for that day.

Some of my favorites were:



Okay so I really liked them all.

There is a lovely, heaven sent, app that helps keep them in order and shows them all together.

I find myself looking over the days and bringing back memories of little things found in the days.

Even scary pictures make it up here. But that's what makes it fun.

So why am I telling you this? {And if you follow me on Instagrams (and if you don't, you should cause I would love to follow you too!! heathersmithy is my name) I am sure you already know I am doing it, as I have shared some on there. }

Well because I love it. It helps me to focus on the little things in life. Helps me to see the amazingness around us and even helps me to take a photo of my mailbox (letterbox in Australia- I had to check that one out- didn't know what a letterbox was haha).

And best of all- its got me being creative again. I am finding some great things to do with the kids, for and in our home, and best of all be true to myself. I can honestly say I am doing this for me. For me to remember something other than the big events. Helping my kids to see that the small moments are the best and to just love every second together.

I have two super easy and way cute Valentine's Day treats I'm ready to post, and my kids loved helping so be prepared!!

So February is now here and so is a new challenge. I'm excited to see what we come up with. Excited to see those little moments. And most of all keep things true to myself. Cause that's what matters most.


Thanks Fat Mum Slim. You have inspired millions. And I personally thank you from the bottom of my creative toes.

Are you doing it? Will you join in February? If you don't think you can do it, just remember she lives in Australia. So her photos post the day before- maybe helping to inspire what you might do!! Hint hint- thank heavens on the letter box post.

And one last thing, thought I would let you in in a little something over on the Gygi blog we are doing a huge, major huge, $400 prize giveaway. So watch the blog-, and the Facebook page at 4:30pm. I'm excited!!! There is a cast iron Staub pot involved!!!


House of Smiths said...

haha! I LOVE that photo of you screaming? ha! Awesome :)
Thanks for linking up to our party!

Kacey said...

Love your "me" photo! Super cute. Mine was taken when I was coming down with a nasty cold and in my workout clothes. Lovely. I like yours much better!

Kimberly Sneed said...

hi there! great recap! :) what's your username on IG? i'm @anightowlblog. would love to follow ya!

Lauren Bird said...

That photo of you is hilarious : ) Saw you linked up to House of Smiths and had to stop by.