Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our last day.

We stayed up a day longer than most the family. Most people had to get back to real life, we decided to hang out one more day.
Got packed up, cleaned up

And dressed up for the snow.

Took the 4-wheelers out for some fun!!

Going anywhere with Staci is a blast for us!! We love her.

They all fell asleep!!! Shhhhh.

Banka took Saige up the big hill, and they slid super fast all the way down. Except at the bottom the got stuck in the mud.

After some playing, we decided to head home. Milo and I sat in the tube and Staci and Saige pulled us behind the 4- wheeler.

Going down the windy road, may not have been the best place for this. We had a couple close calls to close to the edge.

Handsome Matt came to save the day, and took the kids and Staci and I rode the 4- wheeler down.

Until we ran out of gas.

Luckily, Matt saved the day again.

On our way down, a Tahoe pulling some snow mobiles slid of the high sloping hill. I honestly don't know how the passengers walked away. Someone was watching out for them. We waited for the road to open up and then headed to Heber for some lunch with the trains!!!

Ended a great week on a high note and had a wonderdul time.

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