Friday, February 24, 2012

D to the land

Are there those moments in your life where time can't go quick enough and you just can't get there as fast as you would like?

Disneyland was that place for our kids. They were asked to save their money, and lots of months had to pass but we finally made it there.

The shuttle ride over seemed to take forever for these two. But as we walked through the gates these two had faces as bright as fire and eye's as big as fishbowls.

 Think these kids are excited?

 Milo and Parker were buddies for the day, pretty sure Milo enjoyed being with Parks almost as much as being at Disneyland.

 These two are such the pair. Glad they had some great friends to hang out with, cause Mom and Dad are just not as fun as cousins.

Although, Milo does make sure to give lots of hugs to Mom and Dad. It could be a comfort thing for him to make sure we are there, but I think we enjoy it more than he does.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Saige. Once in a while I get lucky with the camera. 

And this Ms Macy-wow she is one of a kind, and is the funniest, sweetest, cutest girl in the world. I bribed her this trip with my cupcake necklace and had a friend by my side the whole trip.

In true boy style these two were in awe at the boats and water, and wanted to hang out there all day! Good thing we could persuade them to see all the other cool things available.

Ms. Saige, waiting in line for the train, she loved it!

Many frequent Disneyland visitors recommended going to the princess meet and greet first, especially cause Saige would have bugged us the whole time to go there.

Made sure to grab a picture of the princesses in front of the castle. Saige asked, "Is this really where they live?" with the biggest smile on her face!

Once we got there. Saige was in heaven, but I was shocked at how much Milo loved it. He was hugging and touching and was totally in LOVE with these princesses. (haha)

I have said it before, this kid knows how to get the girls.... I just hope he gets it out of his system before he is 13.

With our large family group, we tried to stay together but ended up splitting up a little and met up throughout the day!

Mickey Mouse visits were a must.

Wishes in the wishing well with Lindsey and Jake made everyone happy.

Tea cup rides made us dizzy.

But they are a required.

Watching the boats float by as we awaited our turn on "it's a small world".

Sweet Lisa and Amanda. Still waiting for Small World.

And we finally got on the boat! And managed to get our whole family on the same boat!

Even hungry sweet new Spence made the trip. He was so good!

Goofy rides and walks around the park, made for a fun day with lots of people.

Parades caught Saige's attention and made it so she couldn't even smile for a picture.

Monte Cristo's for Lindsey- pretty sure I hate a week's worth of calories with this one meal- but we were in DLand. It's not everyday right?

Fireworks at the end were a perfect ending to an amazing day. As we were waiting Saige leaned down, and whispered, "Dad, this really is the best place. I had the best day!" that alone made the day worth it. And with hair like that, doesn't it scream, "I HAVE HAD A GREAT DAY!!!"?

And thanks to Jake, he made a great Pillow and a great ending to a wonderful night!

While everyone was leaving the park after the fireworks, we had a few people that still wanted to catch a few more rides. Matt and I hung out with the sleeping kids, totally wiped out from the day!

I think it was safe to say that everyone had a good time, Milo still asks to go back, and even said the other day, " Mom, I decided that on my mission, I am going to go to Disneyland!" I think he has a great idea there- where else can you get so many different people, and it is called the Happiest Place on Earth- great way to teach about the plan of salvation, right?

Thanks Disneyland, you didn't disappoint.

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