Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What's for dinner?

Okay. So I haven't forgotten that I was going to post food stuff. (sorry Lauren, I am going to do much better) I really do cook. Do I always have time to document it? No. And I swear I'm usually at Gygi's watching other people learn how to cook!!

Looks fun huh. This is right before our knife skills class.

Okay back to home-

Tonight we are cooking:


Matt and I have enjoyed these quite a bit. He had them a lot on his mission in England but for some reason I forgot about them for a while.
I have two ways I like to cook them, if I plan ahead and have 35-40 minutes I roast them. Trim
off the end, toss them lightly with olive oil and kosher salt and throw them in the oven on a cookie sheet and rack and roast until tender at 375-400 degrees. Depends on how patient I am.

But tonight I was in a hurry, and needed it quick.

I places them in the steamer, and steamed them until almost cooked.

Took them out, drained the water and lightly oiled the sauté pan.

Once the oil was hot, poured them in and let them finish cooking.

Took at most 10 minutes. And then finished with my favorite seasoning-

Chef Todd's pit seasoning. We use it for everything. Love it.

We plated it up, ate our ground turkey meatloaf and had a yummy dinner.

It was a thumbs up meal from everyone.

They even begged for more.

So now you know. Everyone loves brussel sprouts.

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