Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ferb, I know what we're going to do today...

....Celebrate Milo's Birthday!!

Phineas and ferb have a strong presence in our home. Milo loves the show, and I have to admit I find myself watching to see what Dr. doofenshmirtz is up too. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend watching it. It's a good laugh.

I haven't become a friends birthday party Mom yet, and so far the kids haven't asked. We have an amazing family that shows up and likes to have a good time. So no complaints here.

Side Note: I got these amazing 36" balloons, from Shop Sweet Lulu, and they were my favorite. I could barely fit them in my car, driving home on a stormy night with two huge balloons in my car may not have been the best idea but they made the night.

And lasted for at least a week. Lots of helium in there.

Milo picked the menu- great summertime food, since Phineas and ferb takes place in the summer- who cares that it's January right?!

Carrots and ranch. A crowd favorite. My Dad cut all these carrots in long strips. Perfect for my favorite bags from Gygi's. Love the stripe.

Matt grilled Nathan's hot dogs and we had a good time.

After dinner the kids played some games...

Made some slime, thanks to Connie and my Dad,

He then opened some presents

Gave some hugs

Wiped out the favors, lots of toys, some treats, and another fun striped bag.

It wouldn't be a summertime party without some glasses-

(aunt Pete, Nana, and Gramps)

(Josh Smith Family.)

(Staci and Jilly)

(Lady Bug-Katie bug)

(Connie, flying solo- Ty we missed you!!)

(Mimi and Banka)

(the Hagens or Higgins)

And some how I lucked out and actually got a picture of our family!!

After a phone call with the Kentucky crew, oh we miss you, and seeing how cute our Josie girl is...

....It made everyone happy.

We had a great time, an amazing family and a wonderful boy to celebrate.

My most favorite present---

Thanks Parks. These are saved in a very special place.

We love you Milo boy.

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