Sunday, February 5, 2012

Oh you lucky boy.

Nana and Gramps like to take the birthday kid shopping together and spend some time. Nana called and asked of Milo wanted to go to Target and pick out a present. She then invited us to go to dinner afterwards, Matt was at school so it just was the 4 of us.

Milo quickly picked out a spiderman car, which he absolutely loves, and plays with daily. Sleeps with it sometimes.

We met at El Farol's, a Smith family favorite. Milo asked to eat somewhere with nachos- big surprise huh- so we went and had a big plate of nachos.

As we were enjoying our food, Saige said, " Mom I have never been to a fancy restaurant like this! They even have painting on the walls!!" oh the things that make kids happy.

We chatted with our Nana and had a great night.

Thanks Nana. We enjoyed being with you, the dinner and having a fun night out.

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