Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Milo Boy.

Our Milo boy turned 4. Where did time go. Some things you may not know about Milo boy-

He loves, loves, loves nachos. He would eat them all day.

He makes a great Dr.

Most the time he would rather I take a picture of his toys than him. Silly boy

He loves the computer, actually games in general. We have to be careful with his computer time. And I am pretty sure he can navigate my phone better than I can.

He loves hunting stuff. He we were grabbing a treat and noticed a hunting magazine. He was in heaven.

This kid loves and needs his sleep. Lately he will randomly fall asleep.

And usually sleeps 2-3 hours for naps. Love it!!!

Milo lives his Staci. Think I'm joking? Just watch them together. Best buddies

He loves his mama. Makes sure to always give me kisses and say hello.

Some of favorite times are just playing on the couch!! Today he found an old disposable camera. He was in heaven.

This was last year for his birthday.

And here is the big boy now.

We love having him a part of our family.

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