Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Years!

This year was a little different. Usually we just hang out. Last year we went to Matt's parent's house and had a blast! Jen and I had talked about doing a murder mystery night but things changed when we went up to midway with the family!!

Thanks to Candi, we all became very festive. Jos was a little worried what was going on with our heads.

What would new years eve be without hats and noise makers?!

Soda pop cans filled with popcorn seeds (I think that's what it was, right Candace?) covered in colorful paper make perfect noisemakers for the whole family!

A little bit of personalizing and lots of color!!

Since we had lots of kiddos we had east coast new years eve and gathered everyone together!

Did a countdown.....

Some chatting....

And a serious game of sock war!!

Gathered all the random socks, and with our big group that's a lot.

Split up into two teams.

And started throwing...

And throwing...

And throwing.....

And throwing....

And some more throwing...

And a little more throwing. 3 minutes of throwing, which seemed to last forever. But the team with the most socks on their side after the 3 minutes lost.
Lots of strategic plays, so we decided to surprise the players with the time- no holding socks!!

It was a great game! Thanks everyone for playing we had a blast!

After some photo shoots, and some more serious games of air hockey, we headed up stairs for some games and some drinks.

It's a good thing it's just apple cider. Connie and I had out fair share of apple cider.

Overall it was a great new years. Charades, laughing and a late night swim (for some) ended the night. Thanks everyone!

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