Monday, March 12, 2012

Simple joys

There are simple joys in life that often times I over look.

Being able to ride our bikes out in the sun.

Enjoying the fresh air, some much needed sun, and the sound of my kiddos laughter is honestly about as good as it gets.

Especially when wearing cowboy boots

Saige was taught the amazing joy of getting ice out of a frozen water bottle. Growing up my mom always gave us frozen water in our lunches. I loved getting it slushy and digging out the ice with my tongue. Saige had her first experience today and I hope she is hooked.

And some side walk art to show our artistic sides today.




Milo even spelled out my name perfectly. I have always wanted my A upside down.

Thank you mother nature for a perfect day, with my perfect kids, in this perfect weather.

Bullio thanks you too.

How did you celebrate this beautiful day?

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