Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Green man strikes again

Hidden behind the yearly must have of green milk was the first clue of our first time paper hunt. Until finding the first clue, I had to

give a little help, Saige was so upset. She came running into my room so sad the leprechaun didn't make it to her house.

The usual messiness and chocolates weren't there but this Mom had to be to work and the big ol dog would have eaten all the chocolates in his nightly prowl, if we had made a mess so I chose to be a clean-freak leprechaun. Dad enjoyed this much more.

Each clue followed the colors of the rainbow, and you had to find them in rainbow order. Luckily my kids can't read yet, so I threw some of my words in there explaining why things were different. Somehow they liked it better hearing it from a leprechaun and not their mom.

Milo was still a little confused but followed Saige around, this kid is a slow morning guy. He likes things to happen at his pace, so running around at 8 am was not his idea of fun.

A few more clues, I promise we are almost there.

And finally the blue clue led us to he end of the rainbow where we found purple,

And a pile of gold coins. The kids didn't even notice that the leprechaun had I take a potty break during this hunt

After a fun hunt, and a run through the house, the kids enjoyed the cereal and green milk.

Which Milo later informed me that didn't taste any different, and thought the leprechaun would have changed the flavor too.

All in all it was a pretty low key Holiday for us. We would have done a whole lot more but I had to head off to work. Boo.

Thank heavens Sunday night we made up for the actual Holiday's events. My sister Bonnie made us a traditional Irish dinner, accents and all, and we enjoyed some more green pinching, Irish soda bread, corned beef and cabbage, and even some rainbow cupcakes.

All in all it was a great few days. Hope everyone ate lots of green food coloring, wore green all over and even gave a few pinches to those Scrooges.

Now we are off to get our Easter up!!

The hunt was found at the crafting chicks, and will probably do something similar next year but make a bigger mess for my Saige girl. She likes messes. Hope you had a great Holiday!

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mindymom said...

Wow! I sure love all you cute Smithy leprechauns!! Thanks for sharing your fun day!!xoxoxo