Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mazel Tov

Memories of Valentine's Day seem to be one of my fondest memories from my childhood. Not sure why some of these smaller Holiday's come to mind when thinking about growing up but I can say with confidence that my Mom really did go all out, and I thank her for her creativity and her desire to make things so much fun for us girls. Having 6 girls I am sure there were days that you wanted to send us all away, but you made sure to help us celebrate those little moments. And I really try to do the same with our kids. 

This Valentine's Day was on a day I had to work, so I was a little worried about making sure that I was home in time to celebrate. Also wanted to make sure that I could show Matt how much I love and appreciate him, without being too cheesy-sometimes I have to be careful as to not go over board for him. 

I tried to think of something I would like, and thought one of my most favorite things is a heartfelt note. As I started thinking of all the things I love about Matt it was becoming a rather large letter. So I tossed that in the garbage and started over. This time I decided to write on 12 different notes and give them to him throughout the day. As I got to work, I decided to have 12 different people randomly go up to Matt and hand them my notes. Some people were more than willing, and some of the single girls that work at Gygi's were a little hesitant but ended up handing him all the notes. It got to be pretty humorous and I would have loved to see what really was said. Matt had fun with it, and I figured it was a fun way to tell him how much I love and appreciate him. 

I raced home from work, hoping to beat Matt home from school so we could make a secret restaurant, but he beat me home. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Staci, Saige, Milo and Bull were dressed for a fancy night out. Bull even had his tie on. 

Cute Staci had them all ready for a fun lovin night. Glad to have her a part of our lives. She is heaven sent for our family, and appreciate every second she spends with us. So for her to spend her Valentine's Day with us, we were so excited to have her with us. 

With our hand written menus we were ready for a Valentine's day meal. 
{It says:
Pan grilled Steak
Oven Roasted Potatoes
Brussel Sprouts
Sparkling Pear Juice}

Matt's steak even started out as a heart shape, serious didn't even cut it that way. Perfect for Matt.

Saige set our table while Milo and I were cooking up dinner. I think she did a great job, she requested candles, and Staci's flowers were a perfect table centerpiece. 

Apparently we don't drink from stemmed cups very often, Saige was more concerned about how to drink from her "fancy" cup than to eat her dinner. 

Staci, Milo and Saige kept trying to cheer and saying "Mazel tov"! The kids didn't even know what they were saying but they were having fun and Staci and I were almost crying we were laughing so hard. 

For Milo to be wearing a "button shirt" is a big deal. He is really dressed up for the occasion. Staci does have a way to get him to do pretty much anything. 

Isnt Staci cute? She really could wear anything and be stunning, even when wearing Milo's hat and bow

But to get her best shot, you must shoot through the classy touch of baby's breath and roses, as she is pondering off into the sunset. Not everyone has this opportunity to see her in her true element, so you can all thank me later. (hehe, Staci don't hate me for posting this!)

As we were finishing up dinner, the kids heard a mysterious knock on the door-
as they opened it they found their secret valentines! 

Saige found my secret hiding spot, and saw part of what we had gotten for her, but she did do a very good job at pretending to be surprised and was still very excited. 

When we were younger, my Mom and Dad would buy gifts for each of us. When we were least expecting it we would hear a knock at the door, as we would rush over to open the door, we would hear another knock at the back door. Each of us would continue to race back and forth, sometimes Dad would trick us and do the same door twice in a row, but we would all be so excited to see what our "valentine" brought us. I loved the excitement and the fun things that our parents would do for us. I don't remember them ever not doing this, even after we had grown and this year was no different. 
After we had cleaned up and were just chatting, and the kids were playing with their new toys they got, we heard a really really loud knock at the door. Saige and Milo were a little scared, and Matt who was asleep on the couch was even more afraid. As we opened the door to find a present for Staci! Soon after there was a knock at the garage door, I soon had all those fun memories of when we raced back and forth as kids. We went back and forth till all of us had our presents. This kids had no idea who had come, but Bull was a little worried as he could sense someone out in the trees. He was growling at the tree and all of a sudden my Dad jumped out from behind and scared Bull. He jumped up about a food in the air and tried running back to the house. So much for the guard dog! 

We headed over to the Thanksgiving Point ice cream shoppe, and enjoyed some of the biggest brownie sundaes we have ever had. Next time I think 3 or 4 of us will just share one! Those things are huge!

I think it is safe to say that the kids had a great time, and we celebrated yet again another wonderful Valentine's Day. 

Thank you Matt for the gorgeous flowers you sent me, I appreciate everything you are to me, and for the love you have always shown. This is a fun day to celebrate just a little bit of love, but I am grateful for all the things you do for me all the time! You mean the world to me! 

Love You. 

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