Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My life

It's insane how quickly life catches up. I could have sworn that Saige was just barely born, Matt and I have only been married a year or two, and Milo is a newborn too. Okay I know it's really not possible for all of those things to be right, but in my mind I still have two brand new babies that are now 4 and 5. I am getting old. I do turn 30 this year.

This is about the age I think they are. Glad that they are now pretty much self sufficient though. But in my eyes I still have babies. 

Our lives are still pretty hectic, I am pretty sure it's safe to say that everyone in this stage of life is very busy. Raising kids, working, and school consume our daily life. Our kids have been amazing when it comes to coming up to Gygi's with me randomly, allowing me to get caught up on things at home, and the endless phone calls that I get while I am at home, interrupting our stories, playtime or movie. They still love coming to Gygi's and if you ask Saige she still wants to be a Gygi girl. So I must not have ruined them yet. I have a huge support system- My mom, Sister Staci, and amazing neighbor Jen, who all help me so that I know my kids are being well taken care of while I work. Thank you a million times you 3! You help me in more ways than I could ever tell you, and the things you teach my kids makes me so happy. 

I get a lot of satisfaction from my job. I enjoy the adult interaction, the tasks, trials and accomplishments that push me each day. I have a lot on my plate there, but somehow I seem to take on more and more. I  love the challenge. January and February were pretty busy months for me for cooking classes. There were a few times in there where I (and those around me) questioned my thinking-scheduling a WEEK full of classes!!- and so with some help from my husband I chose to slow things down a little. 

In the back of my head, I thought I was going to have so many people upset with me. All the loyal students that sign up for our classes, those that have never been but have been waiting for the right class, and those who have been saving up for a class but each time they check out March's schedule they are terrible disappointed by the lack of classes. There have been some calls about what is going on and if we are doing anything else in March, but a switch has been flipped in my mind. They will still be there. Our classes are amazing, I have nothing to worry about, they will still come! 

But these moments with my kids will not still be there. Like the impromptu nail painting with my Saige.


Or the trips to Costco for hot dogs, dressed as french painters. 

And outdoors men that beg for more Rootbeer. 

Or discovering Saige's love and adoration for Selena Gomez, she dances her little heart out to her music and gets so excited over her songs. It reminded me of when I was little and loved New Kids on The Block. I loved them, my Dad told me they would never last and I was going to prove him wrong! Glad that he was right there is only so much "Right Stuff" the world can handle. 

Being able to call up some of my favorite girl friends and go out for a night together. Become inspired with some hanging paper doilies, which I am going to totally recreate.

Spending time with these two, that have put up with my countless "Sorry, I can't hang out today, I have to work...." comments, and still wanted to be my friend. I promise they were not excuses, I really did have to and wanted more than anything to bail out and come play!

And my darling sister in law, Shana, who I was able to chat with and get to know even more. She is wonderfully talented hairstylist and I am going to hold her to holding some classes for us! Shan- I am serious. 

And overall, just becoming inspired. Who isn't inspired by a cherry tomato topiary? 

Getting myself out out the little Gygi hole that I created has allowed me to live again. I have been having family dinner, eating at the dinner table with all 4 of us. Hanging out with the man of my dreams, who won't ever let me take his picture, hence no photos of him, and just being able to be me. I am inspired to do my job in a new way, much more creativity is back in my head. And there are some serious fun changes that might take place and I am excited for what the year will bring. Gygi's is a wonderful place to be. It has opened my eyes to so many culinary dreams, creative people that use Gygi's to execute their dreams, and even the opportunity to work with my husband, Dad, Grandma, Uncles, cousins, sisters, friends, and the amazing customers that come in. 

But I hope this new Heather sticks around for a while. It has been fun painting, redoing, reading with my kids, being a mom, friend and most importantly a wife to my amazing husband who really is on the top of my list now, and will stay there forever. You hear that Matt, you are stuck with me FOREVER. 


Marcella said...

I LOVED THIS POST! I am so happy for you. You have such a beautiful fun family and I am so glad you are all cherishing your time together! Family is the best. I do love Gygi's though and am glad your family has that too! Such a fun family business. Life is so good. We look forward to seeing MORE of you and have to go to the park this week together! It is BEAUTIFUL outside!

Marie said...

Okay, I'm totally inspired! If I name my baby Heather do you think she could turn out as wonderful as you? :) Thanks for this post. I just love you, Heather.

AND I have been meaning to tell both you and Matt how grateful I am for all you are teaching Natalyn. She LOVES being in your class. But I don't think she even realizes really how lucky she is.

Carolyn said...

Heather!!! I made the blog!!! Thanks for all you do! You are one of the most creative, fun, loving, thoughtful friends I have...I treasure our friendship!!! Joe also holds Mattt in a special place in his heart!!! We love you guys so much!

Annette said...

This made my day:) Thanks for being so great!