Thursday, March 15, 2012

Easy and Simple St. Patricks Day.

We like celebrating. If you haven't guessed, big or small we like to party. And St. Patrick's Day is no exception. Each year a leprechaun sneaks in, colors our milk green, sends us on a little chase, and leaves us some yummy treats. Here is a couple years ago's visit, look how little the kids were?!?

This year St. Patrick's Day is on Saturday which means the celebration can be a little more spread out and lavish as you want.

If all the amazing things on pinterest have overwhelmed you and made you decide not to do anything, I have put together some super SUPER easy ways to celebrate.

I promise they are super easy and yummy! Ready?

Shamrock Popcorn

2 cups unpopped popcorn seed

Using a hot air popper, pop your seed. Gygi's has this amazing seed that is made for this. It doesn't have the little sides that poke off and break when coating. It's amazing. Just trust me. Go get it.

But since I promised this would be easy, you can use microwave popcorn, it will be a little soggy (if there is butter on the popcorn) but it will work.

Pop into a large mixing bowl.

While your seed is popping, melt your green chocolate in the microwave. 1/2 power for one minute, stir. Repeat. Continue until 90% melted. Take out and stir until fully melted.

Pour all the melted green chocolate into your bowl of popped popcorn. Gently toss, coating all the pieces.

Yep. Get them all.

After it has been coated line a cookie sheet with parchment, (For this recipe you will need two cookie sheets).

Pour your coated chocolate onto the cookie sheet and spread into a single layer and allow it it harden.
Melt some of the white chocolate the same way you melted the green, once melted drizzle across making yummy swirls of white chocolate goodness.

Allow that to harden all the way, break into pieces and put into the cutest bags I have ever seen.

Now you have the gold at the end of the rainbow!!

Mint Shamrock Shakes
2 cups vanilla ice cream
1 cup milk

This is a yummy, but rich shake. I recommend smaller portions especially for kids! Gygi's had the cutest mini mugs that were perfect for serving this treat.

Gather your almost empty cartons of ice cream, does anyone else do this? It's a great way to use it up.

Drop into your blender. Add your milk.

I used whole milk, skim or 2% is great, and would probably make it not as rich and make you feel better about not drinking whole milk and ice cream together (hehe).

Add your extract and food color. Color to your liking.

Mix it all together and that's it!! Flavor and color as much or as little as you would like. Chocolate chips would be fun to add in as well.
Since presentation is everything and we had some melted white chocolate from our popcorn we decorated our mugs before pouring our shake in.

Press the rim of the glass into the melted chocolate.

Allow to cool just a second, then dip into sprinkles, sanding sugars, crushed oreos, whatever you want!

Grab a paper straw, fill your mug up, and enjoy a yummy festive shamrock shake!

Easy right? Hopefully you have all these things already at your house.

Even if it is dying your eggs or milk green for your breakfast, or leaving a little note throughout the house- your family will love to celebrate this Holiday! My kids are already counting down the days and trying to find a way to catch the leprechaun!

Have a great St. Patrick's Day! And please if you have fun traditions I would love to hear them, I'm all about adding more!

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Keep Home Simple said...

Mmmm...those ideas look yummy! My kiddos would LOVE that green shamrock shake. The only thing I've planned for St. Patty's day this year so far is Lucky Charms cereal for dinner. My kids are thrilled beyond belief to get ceral for dinner! :)