Thursday, March 22, 2012

End of the Rainbow Cupcakes

We had so much fun making our cupcakes, thought we would share a few secrets.

I decided to make a treat that wasn't dyed green, as Matt cringes at the amount of color I add to things during this holiday.

So we made an Matt-friendly treat for all to have.

We used a great white cake mix, added some fresh lemon juice and zest from a large lemon. They added a perfect lemon taste. In certain cases, I am all about using a mix. By adding a few fresh ingredients, it makes a cake mix so much better!!! So don't forget to play with it a little.

While our cupcakes were baking we got our decorating supplies ready.

In our cupcakes, we wanted the gold at the end of the rainbow. So we filled them with lemon curd, so when you bit into it you were surprised.

Using a bismark tip, we filled cupcakes with a little bit of curd. This tip has a long small end, perfect for filling cupcakes and not taking out the whole center. It's best to do it while the cupcake is still warm. We squeezed about a tablespoon in each cake and then took them out of the pan to finish cooling. After we filled the cupcakes we were ready to decorate!

Buttercream, icing gel colors, a large star cake tip, decorating brush, pastry bag, and scissors is what you will need.

Slide your tip into your bag, you can use a canvas bag, if you like- it actually holds a little more color than the plastic ones, but wanted to show you how it looks. Cut the tip of the bag so your tip pokes out. Take your bag and place inside a cup and fold the top of the bag around the cup so it holds it in place.

Dip your brush into your food color gel and draw lines up from the tip until about 3/4th up the bag.

Repeat with the colors you would like to use. Make sure to leave room in between each color so when you add the frosting it won't blend together.

While still in the cup, load in your icing, and then unfold from off the cup and press down the icing.

As it presses through, the icing color comes off in lines and makes the perfect rainbow. After about 6 cupcakes we had to put more icing in our bag. It actually had some color left and I really like the color it put out.

Much more to Matt's liking.

Perfect for kids and adults, you can easily substitute cream for a cream filled cake, or even a raspberry sauce.

Not the best picture but this shows the curd inside. It was a yummy treat, my Mom even called to say it was the best cupcake she has had! I give all credit to the curd, it is quite yummy!!

There you go, a fun way to decorate. Use any colors you would like! And don't forget the gold inside the cupcake!

(If you want a solid swirl of color, you can buy these striper bags. they have a line sealed in between that allows you to fill with two different colors and stripe that way.But you are limited to only two colors at a time!)

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