Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cousin Time

Nana and Gramps invited all the girl cousins to come over for a sleep over. Saige was more than excited to go spend the night, and to play with Abby and Macy. We went to drop her off and Josh and Jenni were still there.We chatted for a while and Josh and Jen said they were headed to Morelia's and Matt was craving steak. So we decided that we should go out together. But we couldn't leave with out Nana and Gramps, so we decided to throw all the kids in the cars and take our party of 11 to dinner on a Friday night! Both our first choices were way too long of a wait so we went to the kid's pick-- CHILI'S!!

We got right in, with just a little wait- enough time to get a nose pick and a picture with the cutest girls on their "sleepover night".

Our table was is in a dark corner, so no photos there. I had to run over to Zurchers and took Saige and Abby with me. Man I should have taken pictures of them in there. They were in heaven, with all the bins of candy and 10 cent toys! They would have stayed in there for days. Thank heavens the Justin Beiber cardboard cut out at the front of the store directed them towards the front of the store.

Milo and Parks were feeling a little left out, so Parks came and spent the night with us. The threw on their matching black night shirts and laid down together in Milo's bed. A little while later we heard some voices, so I wandered in to find EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MILO'S TOYS IN HIS BED!!! Honestly I don't know how they had room to lay down. They had a wonderful time, stayed up way too late (sorry Jen, I hope Parks wasnt too ornery the next day!), and spent some great cousin time together. 

Next time when it's the boys turn to sleep at Nana and Gramp's house, we will have Coasten there and maybe spend the evening out with them! We missed you guys on this impromptu night out! 

Thanks Nana and Gramps for having our girly over for a night. You are brave to attempt this, and knowing Saige's history (which was proven that it would happen again!) she is a terrible bed partner and I hope that you both got at least a couple hours of sleep! 

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