Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our New House!!!

Scared you didn't I? Really we aren't planning on leaving our current house anytime soon, you will see some updates as we are in the process of changing a few things but love our house and plan on being here for a while. {Plans for the finishing part of the basement are in the works, and I couldn't be more excited!! To have an actual play room would be amazing and I dream about it!}

For Christmas my sister, Bonnie, gave our kids this cardboard house. It looks like a great time in a box, and we are all about forts at our house. Many times blankets are used more for roofs than for warmth. So when Staci and the kids pulled this out the other day I knew we were  in for a treat. 

The kids wasted no time when coloring this house, and Saige told Staci that she was planning on finishing this in one day.

To say that this thing is big is an understatement. It barely fits in Saige's room and takes over the living room. 

Saige and Milo have spent several nights together in this house, even one night on the hardwood floors. Good thing they are 4 and 5. 

Saige chose one side and Milo chose the other. She colored all of her side with crayon and did everything by herself. She is so particular with details and really enjoys coloring. She honestly would have done this all day long and been the happiest girl!

I am so proud of her skills and her persistence, I helped Milo with his and couldn't last as long as her! 

Milo and I colored his together, he is all about coloring where he shouldn't and we did not want to have the traditional house! Multi-colored picket fence anyone? I would do it in a heartbeat! Although Saige would constantly tell me that it doesn't look like a real house! 

With a little graffiti to add our finishing touch, Milo was finished up! 

We still have lots of empty spaces, and I am excited to finish it all up! We have plans for the inside, maybe some hanging elements and some picture and frames inside! 

Come on over, there is plenty of room inside! The more the merrier! And we could use some extra hands for the coloring! 

Thank you so much Bonnie! We love love love it! 

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Kat said...

That is absolutely awesome! :) You guys did a great job on your new house.