Monday, March 26, 2012

Friday Fun Night

We try to get out together with out little family once a week. Whether it's a movie, trip to cabelas or even ice cream and a drive we have been doing pretty good and having lots of fun. It's nice to be with our little family once in a while.

A few weeks ago Matt really wanted to go bowling. So we went to FatCats for some yummy pizza and bowling.

Saige not only was the artist of the night but also the photographer. She took every picture of the night, and have to say she is pretty darn good. She has caught on to my photo taking habits.

Pizza factory can't be beat. Even Milo's cucumber pizza.

Milo took this game very serious. Would not let Matt or I help him in anyway. If I tried he would tell me to go sit down.

Saige was having fun people watching and taking photos.

And guess who got the highest score....mama!!! But barely, Milo almost beat us all! We won't talk about Matt's score hehe.

Last weekend we let Matt choose again- The Sportsmen's Expo was in town so we had to stop by.

After walking down the aisle of animal heads, fly fishing gear and camo everywhere we found the kids fishing tank.

We were all very excited, and after about 1 minute Saige caught her fish!

She had all the 11 year old boys jealous and quite envious.

Best part was her tongue could not stay in, which means you know she is concentrating.

We had a fun time, its great to see Matt's excitement when it comes to things like this! But note to myself- don't wear neon colors to a sportsman's expo. The only bright color they are use to is orange and boy did I get some funny looks.


ConnieStance said...

I love the idea of Friday Family Date Night. It makes me wish I was your kid. Just sayin'.

Heather said...

You can be my kid anytime! I'm really hoping you will be down here as much as you said you were this summer!!!

Shana Smith said...

Fun family stuff!! The men take bowling very seriously!!! I found that out last Summer in my family! Funny little people:)