Monday, October 24, 2011

Mr. Bullwinkle

Meet Bullwinkle.

I told Matt when he was done with school we could get a dog. I figured I was safe until at least June. But the beginning of summer is a great time to get a dog. We are much more active, I don't feel guilty making them stay outside and we can devote more time to him.

Well Matt took a small break this term. He has the tendency to take on a million classes and devotes everything to those classes. But at work, Oct- Dec are Nutso. So somehow we convinced him to take a small break and go back in January. That left him a little bit of free time, and while browsing on KSL one night found this gorgeous Bull Mastiff. Our friends, the Bennett's, have this gorgeous dog named Mallie.

Matt instantly fell in love and tried to find another Mastiff out there. Well he found a few and I could argue the money card, cause these dogs are not cheap, but this particular dog was being offered for free. We checked him out and fell in love. Our kids loved him, Matt loves him, and I am slowly but surely coming around and loving him too.

He lets the kids sleep, jump, climb, sit and do anything on him. He is the laziest dog ever, and if I didn't have to vacuum
his hair up every second I would love him.

Most times he thinks he is human but I quickly remind him he is a dog.
My most favorite thing? He loves to be by my side. No matter what I'm doing he will follow me around and try to be right by my feet. He really is just like a cat.

Here is to many more memories with Bull our big ol dog.

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Chastina said...

Wow! What a big, a beautiful dog. That is great that he is so well behaved. Every time we've got a dog, we've had training issues.