Friday, October 7, 2011

To all my creative friends:

Gygi's is having a contest. What kind of contest you ask? Well this one is probably pretty easy for most of you, as I have really quite talented friends {honestly I do, and I am really referring to all of you!}. And since I'm not in charge of this one I don't feel like there will be any favorites played- cause I would really want you guys to win. And there will be lots of winners- so you won't all become angry with each other. Alright alright I will get to the contest:

Well as you know Halloween is approaching and we see lots of product being bought each and every day with these grand ideas but don't ever get to see the final product! So this is where you come in: we want you to send in your photos for your best SPOOKY THINGS using something ( anything) from Gygis!!! That simple, that wonderful and I know you all have some things planned- so whip them up snap some pictures and send them to my new friend Cait- she is awesome and the judge haha so now I won't be the bad guy anymore!
We have our friends at Our Best Bites, Crafting Chicks, and One Charming Party helping us so you might end up on one of these great blogs too!

So hurry you only have till the 16th send your stuff to:


More details here:

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