Sunday, July 4, 2010

THE 5th.

Well, I know you are all waiting anxiously for the news on the anniversary. I FORGOT my camera so I don't have any pictures to document the evening. But i will give you the fun... Matt took me up to Park City and we went to dinner at Ruth Chris, it was wonderful. I dont know if I enjoyed the food or the quite atmosphere better. I loved not having anyone around and the beautiful setting to look out on. (Not having to worry about chicken nuggets is a nice plus as well). We then traveled up to Daniels Summit Lodge, and spent the night out in the mountains. Sat out on the little porch and just enjoyed being able to talk to each other, NO computers or cell phones, i didn't realize it until we don't have them how much we both are on them.

Thanks Matt for a wonderful night, you are thoughtful in more ways than you may want to admit, but i love the way you treat me! Thanks for being you, and loving me for being me. Happy 5th year, you better look forward to the many many many more.
LOVE YOU!!!!!!


Kristin said...

how fun and so so so CUTE!! i am mad you didn't bring your camera! ha ha
miss ya and love ya to death!!!! xoxo

ConnieStance said...

Ruth's Chris. I am jealous. Ty and I have heard of this deliciousness and we are just waiting for the perfect time to treat ourselves to such great food. I would say that 5 years of marriage is worthy of it. Congrats!