Monday, July 26, 2010

Camping #1

I have never been a camper. Growing up, for some reason I had this strong hate for it. My Dad LOVES to camp, but living with all girls, we didn't get out and camp all that much. So when I married Matt, a man who loves everything about the outdoors, I knew camping would be in my future. I have really put it off, with work and school we really haven't camped all that much. So when Matt suggested that we take advantage of a few days off work and go camping I wasn't the first to pack-up and get all excited, but I decided I would have a much better attitude about it and try things out.

So we packed our little family up and headed up to a spot up in the Uintah's near Trout Creek. I thought it would be a little packed and we would hear the other TRUE Americans out celebrating Independence Day!! But it was quite different. We headed up where only those who had trucks could travel too. It was really fun to go on these steep bumpy roads and almost feel as if we were going far far away! Matt pulled up to this gorgeous spot with grass, lots of shade, a wonderful fire pit and NO ONE ELSE AROUND!! It was great!

We quickly pitched the tent, as you can tell I was a lot of help, but it's Mom's job to document the vacation right?, and then we set out for an adventure, of course Matt already had his gear out looking for the "animals". His love and interest in the wild has completely rubbed off onto our kids and they love it almost as much as he does. I wish I had gotten a picture of Milo holding his hands to his eyes like binoculars, it was so funny, and he really thought that it was working!!

Saige and I walked behind Matt and Milo almost as if we were on two completely different walks. Matt and Milo were walking completely silent and trying to spot deer, Saige was on this wonderland adventure and had the time of her life finding all the beautiful things that you can find in the mountains, flowers, leaves, trees, birds, butterflies, everything a little girl loves. I just followed behind her, wishing to myself that I could have just a little bit of her energy and love for life. It was a wonderful reminder to me to just take in the moment and relax, who knows when the next chance we have to have our family alone just spending time together! It was wonderful!! Had a couple learning experiences, Matt's knowledge of the outdoors amazes me, pointing out what all the plants were, which ones were good which were not, finding a bird's nest and teaching the kids with every chance he had!

We came back and teased Matt in the tent, I was a little surprised when Matt put the tent up, that we would all fit in but it was great!

It was getting late, and we cannot go camping without a campfire, that is my all time favorite thing about camping! The kids and I got the stuff to roast marshmallows, I really don't enjoy them but love to roast them, so we sat on the log and Matt came over with a little worried look on his face.... he pulled out the lighter and tried a few times to get a spark and looked over at me and asked, "How bad do you want a fire?" Apparently I said with a sad face, " Well it is my favorite part?" He said he would try everything, he pulled out some alcohol wipes trying to get a spark to catch, sprayed the propane from the fuel from the stove, nothing was working. Knowing Matt, I knew he could get something to work, but I wanted to keep the kids from driving him crazy and we walked around for a bit, and then climbed into the truck. Matt thought I climbed in to pout (POUT?!?!!? do i pout? I don't think so!!), but i was getting a little cold and so were the kids, so i wanted to keep them as quiet as possible. After a little effort Matt got a small spark to catch on the propane stove and we HAD FIRE!! It was wonderful, nothing better than sitting around the fire.

we tried those SUPER huge marshmallows, we roasted one and it was enough for our whole family to get our marshmallow fix. I could not believe how huge those things were, so if any one needs any marshmallows, please stop by we have a lifetime supply. While Saige was roasting hers, she continued to catch hers on fire, after a couple of burning off the stick she commented, " Gosh, i am the best at this arent I?" Matt and I both laughed, well at least we have taught her to have confidence and look for the positive! After a litte sugar rush, we headed to bed and all slept really well. We were close together but really well!

I think the trip was a huge success, I have a completely different outlook on camping, I really quite enjoyed myself. Now I know why my Dad tried so many times to take us camping, (sorry for my bad attitude Dad, let's try it again!!) it brought our family closer and gave us a chance to just talk with no computers or phones and just be together!!! I love my family!!


JaNae said...

you guys are so cute! what a fun trip, i'll have to get the directions to this place. my kids are always begging me to take them camping

Adhis said...

NICE! I would love to go where no one else is (especially axe murderers), but we have old cars. We once borrowed a friend's old truck and mounted on it someone else's very old, long hand-made canoe to go up the canyon. We could not even inch past the ticket booth and ended up just driving around Lehi with a canoe strapped to a very rusty pickup. That was fun, too!

And what is this about going camping without MATCHES???

Kristin said...

what a fun little trip!! i am not a big camper either.....and chris is...ha ha i love all your pictures. your kids are so stinking cute! miss you

Bonnie said...

I'm so proud of you! Let's go camping together... Ella needs to get started young!

caitlin said...

Okay, these pictures are adorable. What a fun camping trip! And somehow you make camping look stylish. I kind of hate you ;)