Sunday, July 4, 2010

Scott's Sushi Night

I am finally catching up on some much needed posts, sorry they will probably go WAY back but I wanted to document these things and share some fun pictures so here goes, enjoy!
For Scott's birthday we decided to give him a surprise sushi night. We have a great sushi instructor at Gygi's who Scott loves so we thought why not have Jonas meet us at home and show us all how we can all make sushi.

Jonas brought everything we might need for a wonderful evening of sushi and fun. He started out with some really great appetizers and filled me right up before we even began rolling any sushi. Josh enjoying the wonderful creations of Jonas.

Jenni and Lisa were a bit nervous at first, neither "love" sushi so they didn't know what to expect for the evening, but both were great sports to try things, and of course Matt loving every bit of the night.

We got the whole crew around the island and began, everyone was having such a great time, learning new things and joking around.
Jake and Lindsey getting the hang of things. She was brave to come spend the evening with the whole crew.

Matt working the fryer, nothing better than a fried roll. We both have taken many classes with Jonas, so we became his assistants for the night. I sometimes wonder if Matt and Jonas' joking was a little flirtacious but they made us laugh....

Jenni and Lisa trying a piece of Sashimi ( i think) they were so brave to try things, i think they both said it tasted really good. I was so proud of both of you!!

After an evening of some AMAZING Sushi and even better company we all wished Scott a happy birthday! THANKS JONAS, and Thanks Scott for giving us a reason to celebrate!

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ConnieStance said...

That is such a great idea and it looks like you had a ton of fun. Way to use your Gygi resources to the fullest!