Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fourth of July

There is something special about the fourth of July... I don't know what it is, the warm weather, the celebrations, the fireworks, the family gatherings, barbecues, what it celebrates, or just cause it's a great day. But whatever it is I love it! I get so excited that I asked Matt to come home earlier than he would have liked from camping so we could celebrate it with our families. We had a small gathering at Candace's house, it was a little different not having Connie and Ty, Staci, Jon or Katie there to celebrate with, it was really weird. We had a wonderful time swimming, eating and chatting at Candace's pool!!

This is Saige's classic swimsuit. I dont know what it is even without the life jacket this girl tends to get swimsuits to be so uncomfortable looking but she never seems to care! Oh I love this girl.
And we cant have a post without a picture of our favorite Josie!! Isnt she a doll? She is growing so fast, and is looking less like Candace and more like Grant! We love having her around!!
That night we headed up to North Salt Lake to watch the fireworks with the Smith's. I of course forgot my camera, but we had such a great time eating cotton candy and popcorn, teasing family and of course the fireworks. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Smith for hosting our large crowd again, we look forward to it every year and have so much fun! Happy Fourth of July!!


caitlin said...

I agree, the fourth is just special, and I love it. And you got some awesome pictures. I love the first one of your mom and Ella. And man that Josie sure is cute!

Bonnie said...

Oh man, look at that cute BUM! Thanks for posting these - we had so much fun with you guys! Love you!