Friday, July 9, 2010

Our best friend Staci

Staci had been watching our kids for quite a while, and when I say that my kids love her, that is understatement. The both adore her, and wish that they could hang out with her over Matt and I any day. (I don't blame them, she is pretty cool!) But she decided that she needed to do some growing up and "soul searching" and move away to Virginia for the summer.

At first I was a little torn about her leaving, (I hope I am not sharing too much Staci, if so I can always delete this!), she has been doing so well with her sobriety and had such the "fan base" of people who were needing her in their lives for their sobriety. She honestly became an inspiration to everyone who met her. (My favorite was when we went to her year sobriety meeting and everyone came up to our Mom telling her how much they loved her, and I think I heard about 10 people say "Staci has this light about her, she is amazing!")
ANYWAYS.... I was afraid that she would move away from her comfortable life here and get in a rut there and it would trigger something to make her go back to drugs and alcohol. After a couple of talks she helped me to see that this is what she needed to grow-up. She promised me that she would be good, afterall her best of best friend Cameron and his wife were headed down and they are there to keep track of her. So we said lots of prayers and I knew I had to put my faith in her and send her on her way (gosh why is this sounding like a mom sending her daughter....).

Fast forward to now, SHE IS DOING AMAZING. Staci has grown in more ways than anyone could ever ask. She has been so successful selling, she has found so many things inside herself, thing she would not have found living here, and has learned to turn to our Heavenly Father.
Stac-- we miss you more than you ever know, but we are more proud of you than we have ever been. I know you are going through some wonderful changes, and I am so glad that you are doing this things to make yourself better. You have our love and support behind you 100% and just know now matter what time it is in Virginia we are here for you. Continue to do your amazing work, and we can't wait to see you the end of August. WE LOVE YOU!!
Love-the 4 Smiths in Lehi!


Kristin said...

tears are in my eyes! good luck in virgina staci!! cute post heather!

Candace said...

I'm crying too. And Josie is laughing. She wants to meet her aunt Staci real bad. Real real bad.

ConnieStance said...

This is great. Staci is great. And I am glad to have you all as family. We kind of rock.