Monday, June 14, 2010

5 years! Wow!

today is our 5th anniversary. it seems crazy cause it seems like longer than that in some regards-trying to remember life when matt wasnt around, seems like he has always been there- but then to think about everything we have done in five years- 2 kids, 4 jobs, school, 2 houses, and lots of fun- it seems like yesterday!

I am so grateful to have him as my husband. i dont ever let him know that enough, and really do need him more than i let him believe. He is everything to me, and truly my best friend. I still cannot believe i married the hunter/fisherman but i love him and his hobbies, and wouldn't change a thing!

Happy 5 years Matt, and yes to answer your question---i do think we will make it another 5!

Love you

He is taken me out tonight, will post pictures later! Cannot wait!!!


Katy said...

Congratulations on five years! That is a great milestone. I hope you have lots of fun celebrating!

ConnieStance said...

It's so true. It is hard to remember our family without Matt in it.
Congrats. I am excited to hear what the two of you do tonight!
Here's to 50 more years! It will pass faster than we all think.

Adhis said...

Congratulations, you crazy kids!

I think lots of us women are surprised about the type of men we married. And lots of husbands should be thanking their lucky stars!

Kristin said...

congrats heath! it's crazy how time flies!!