Wednesday, June 2, 2010

one day

one day, i will....

stay up on the blog

have my house clean all day

not get frustrated with my kids over silly things

be a Mom like the Mom I have

look at each day as a great day, rather than the things i have to do

eat sugar and not feel guilty with every bite

drink more water (man i need to drink much more!)

not let cooking classes run my life

spend the day with Saige and Milo doing whatever they want

tell everyone in my life how important they are to me

break out of my comfort zone and be friends with my neighbors (its been FOUR years now, and i feel like i don't know anyone! I am lame!)

make sure Matt knows how much i love and need him, and how proud we are that he's doing so

well in school

exercise more, enjoy it more

just breathe...
here's to a great summer, i am planning on doing it all.


Kristin said...

oh heath! your just so cute! i couldn't help but get a little emotional while reading your post. maybe because i think your such an awesome person and you already do all of those things? well the sugar thing....i think everyone feels guilty...ha ha. miss ya heath and one day....i hope to be as cute as you. your such a great example and i love ya! have a happy day and a great summer!

Adhis said...

I hope you will come out and get to know your neighbors too by coming to stuff!

BTW, I don't know my neighbors all that well. David says I need to stop being so awesome and come down and play with the mere mortals.

OK, he didn't say that, but he totally could.

But really-- I went through a phase where I knew our neighbors really well, then I got all reclusive after we became foster parents for a year. Then, the neighbors I knew moved away (physically or emotionally). I'm just barely poking my head out of my shell again and the neighborhood has changed a lot so I'm kinda starting over. It's never too late to start! And to start again!

And also, I like to be a blog comments box hog.

The end.


Heidi said...

You are already amazing in my eyes! And I know you can do all those things! Have an amazing summer!