Sunday, July 20, 2008

Because it's your birthday....

Just wanted to let my Mom know how much we love and appreciate her in our lives!! Here are 49 reasons why I love you!!-
1. You are the most giving person.
2.You love my children (almost) as much as I do.
3.You put up with 6 daughters, all through middle school and still have your sanity.
4. Because you put everyone else's needs in front of your own, and would never complain about a single moment.
5. For years you washed us in the "Hollister Water" and we all turned out just great.
6. Because you stayed up after dances and talked with me, no matter how late, even though Dad said I had to be home much earlier.
7.Because you sat and rubbed my back as I sobbed from my first, and only, day of cosmetology school and told me that it was ok that I hated it, at least I tried it.
8. Because when you went to check me out of school for a dentist appointment and I was swimming with friends, you taught me a lesson through humor. (I am still embarrassed!!)
9.Because when I had a certain friend that would tell me how bad of a friend I was, you quickly boosted my spirits and helped me realize that I really am good.
10. Because you listen to that sweet spirit and you know when jaundice+new baby+tired mom=HAVOC .
11. Because you taught me how to properly bath my children, with cotton balls and all.
12. Because you wanted to hold my hand and just smile at me after giving birth to Saige, at that moment I knew how proud of me you were.
13. Because you encourage our goofiness, regardless if we are making fools of ourselves.
14. Because when I was little, you made me think I WAS A GOOD DANCER!
15. Because you love our Dad, and I have ALWAYS known that.
16. You have allowed us all to have bigger and better bedrooms than your own.
17. Because you took Saige twice a week, and allowed me to feel that I wasn't losing my tiny piece of reality.
18. Because you supported me completely when I told you I was marrying a hunter, fisherman.
19.Because you have taught me what being a great wife looks like, how to support your husband and put your marriage above all else. It's amazing how in love you and Dad still are after all these years.
20. Because you love to listen to every single thing I tell you about my children, and act as excited as I am.
21. Because you have taught me to love the Lord.
22. Because when we watch movies as a family, I know that if I am trying to hide my sobing, you are across the room doing the same thing.
23.You just make me feel good.
24. Because you made most of our Halloween costumes, while other Moms just went to Kmart. Including: the rollerskating waitress, mary poppins, Old McDonald Farm, EVERYTHING!!
25. Because whenever we are around, you are so willing to change the diapers, wipe the faces and make sure my children look loved.
26. Because you made us HUGE signs for our birthday, and made us feel that we were the most important.
27. Because you haven't said no yet to another girls camp calling.
28. Because you made me go to Young Womens/Mutual.
29. Because you have taught me that I am capable of doing whatever I want to.
30.You have taught me to pray, to turn to my Heavenly Father, and he WILL help me get through these crazy crazy days.
31. Because you have taught me patience.
32. Because you to made our childhood memorable.
33. Because you have taught me to cook and more importantly bake (yummy yummy)
34. Because you really should have been a nurse, by the extensive and amazing care you give us all no matter what was wrong with us.
35. Because you helped "relieve" me when I had a painful infection. (I still can't thank you enough for this one)
36. Because you celebrate Jeff's birthday every year, making sure we never ever forget him.
37. Because you made me a florescent ruffled dress in 4th grade (i think) and I am sure at the time you thought it was the most hideous thing, but I LOVED IT.
38. Because you let us play with snakes, dress our bunnies and kittys up, and made us play outside.
39. Because you always made sure we had our sunday best on and all of our hair was done perfectly.
40. Because you were the glue that held our Family together during the 7.1 earthquake.
41. Because you reminded me throughout my whole life that I scatter sunshine.
42. Because you've never told me that I am a bad singer, even if everyone else in the room is.
43. Because you love me, and made sure that I know that. I have never questioned it.
44. Because you put up with me through High School, I still can't apologize enough.
45. Because you made my wedding absolutely amazing, I still get compliments about it 3 years later.
46. Because you make everyone feel welcome and appreciated. You do such a good job "smoozing" at the Culinary Center.
47. Because you spirit, sense of humor, love, patience, kindness, willingness to serve, diligence, understanding, wisdom, etc. is way bigger than that 5 foot nothing body you have been given.
48. Because my children would rather be with you than me, and I am ok with that.
49. Because you are you. You always will be. I love the you that you are. Dont change.
I could go for days and days but you are only turning 49 I LOVE YOU.


Jenni said...

Tears...happy birthday Mindy! What a great mom!

Abigail said...

your so cute Heather. Was it my house you were swimming at when your mom came to check you out for the dentist? :)