Sunday, March 21, 2010

Macarons.. dang cookies

So I have come across Macarons lately in the wonderful world of the world wide web, and thought you know those would be so much fun. I consider myself to be a pretty good baker, its one of the few things that I have more confidence in and feel that I really can't mess up too badly. I attribute that to working at Gygi's and helping to solve others problems that they have, so of course I have to try things out to help problem-solve. Bakerella put them on a stick, which I thought would be a great idea for Candace's shower favor.

That was until I came across the Macaron. Its not the coconut cookie type, but a fluffy Meringe based cookie-no flour, just egg whites, sugar (lots of sugar), almonds, and some flavor and color. Simple i thought.

I had the right supplies, my food processor, mixer and of course my silpat. LOVE LOVE LOVE that thing, if you do not have one, come chat with me. Nothing, I repeat Nothing, sticks to it. The bake cookies perfectly and makes clean up the best!

I carefully piped out the cookies all to the right size, I had such high hopes for the dears at this point.

After resting for about 20 minutes, they started to lose their shine and look a little dull, exactly what was suppossed to happen.

I tried 4 different batches, each turned out SO differently.... the pistachio turned out best but still not, I repeat NOT, what they were supposed to be.

Although they were not what I was expecting, they tasted really good, pistachio, orange cream and strawberry. So I filled them up, with chocolate ganace and mango ganache and served them anyways.......

Didn't seem to stop anyone unless they knew they were suppossed to look like this:

Dang that bakerella and all those other bloggers out there who made it look so easy. I will attempt again, and maybe master the macaron. Until then.... check this ladies out, they are much much better! Bakerella
and Happy Hour
I really tried out both recipes, the Happy Hour recipe was the best but that could be that egg whites hate me. Try them out have fun and if all else fails, go see Romina {i love her} at Les Madeleines.
She will make your heart melt with her delicious treats.


Heidi said...

I will gladly test every batch for ya...bring some over! ;)

megan said...

Those are beautiful! Hmm, I think I'll give it a whirl as well. So springy.

Adhis said...


Kristin said...

ha ha your so cute!! send them to me!! i will try some for you!! miss ya heath....and love ya!

caitlin said...

Oh man, I love these cookies, but have never tried to make them. I think yours look great. And now I want a silpat!

Bonnie said...

Those cookies were freakin' delish... you are an amazing cooker, even if they don't look exactly like those other silly ones from that one bakery. Who wants stuff that all looks the same, anyway?