Friday, March 19, 2010

Candi Andi's Babyshower

My little sister Candace is having a baby. We are so excited, the end of April cannot get here soon enough. She is having a girl, and might {if we can convince Grant that it is not a dog name} name her Josie. love it.

We had a fun family shower, and got some pictures. I had a sleeping Milo in my arms and didn't get many pictures but we had a great great time. Thank you to all the family that made it, we have a wonderful family that supports us in so many ways. We love you all!

Ellen and Chloe

Lynn and Grandma Foote

My best friend Ella Grace.

What's a baby shower without a quilt? Thanks Grandma Foote, you are the best! Seriously, this lady can do anything. If it has to do with food, fabric, a garden, and a home, she can do it { and so so so much more!}

I love her hands, they tell such a story!

Apparently someone made Staci sad....

...And Saige? Must have been me.... oops.

So many fun and great presents! Just what this babe needed!

Sometimes boys come {in the form of our Dad and Grant ~the soon to be Daddy}!

Candace and Ella, funny girls!And what would a true McDonald Party be without FOOD! We love everything about it! Connie you are amazing, you do such good work!

Even Ella loves the treats, sorry Bonnie, that is how we are such good best of friends.

Thanks to everyone again, I just realized we got pictures of NO ONE but us {mostly because Milo woke up at the end and then I had time to take them, sorry} but we had fun being with our family!

Love you Candace and Grant and Babe. We cannot wait to see you!

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