Monday, January 11, 2010

Wedding, new pics and I might catch up on this blog!

Candace and Grant's wedding was December 1st, and was absolutely gorgeous! She planned it super quick, while working full-time as a 4th grade teacher, and it was a perfect representation of her and Grant! We had such a great time, and hope you can see HOW gorgeous this wedding really was. It was held at Wadley Farms in Lindon {I had never ever heard of this place, and what a great place, perfect for family pictures for anyone!!}

It was a gorgeous day, a wedding in December I am always afraid of the cold weather, it was chilly but look at that sky, no clouds or snow anywhere!

{favorite picture, all photos were taken by Scott Myler (}

She had a small reception with 100 or their closest family members and some friends {sorry us McDonalds, we are a large group!} Great food, fun tablesettings, and my favorite an apple cider YUM!

For place settings, a group of great women made grape jelly in these little jars, and then Candace picked out a bunch of different fabrics and wrapped the tops with twine. The yummiest jam, i wish the bottles were gallons.

Lots of wild flowers everywhere, old fashioned jars {candace and Grant raided all the DI's around here and found some really cute jars} I really hope that they use them in their house cause they are DARLING. Grant's Dad drilled holes in this logs and they made them into vases.


More glass jars, more flowers.

Saige partying with one of her most favorite guys, we kind of like him too! I really wanted a good picture of the doily garland in the back, I think Conniestance has one but..., Candace had these garlands made from binding and paper doilies. I LOVE THEM, she is planning on using them in the nursery, i sure hope she does, how fun and dainty for a baby girl!Darling wedding cake made by our good friend Christina Miller, { It was so pretty and really tasted good, I think it was the only cake out of our 4 sisters that we didnt have 100 pounds leftover!!

Fun picture of the whole wedding group, fun huh. Its great to know they have so many wonderful people behind them for such a great day!

The McDonald girls, lots of personalities, but i think our outfits turned out pretty together. Who would have thought all of us could plan things out all by ourselves and it match this well!!

Our family, we are getting big, and its becoming so much fun, i would have never thought our family could become so diverse and it's so much fun welcoming BOYS to our family!!

And last but not least here are some fun pictures of our family that we were able to take, I am sensing a trend here, and noticing my family only gets pictures done, when someone gets married, so either i need to have more weddings or we just need to bite the bullet and do it ourselves, cause i love family pictures, and Matt actually smiled, {He might be becoming a bit soft in his old age!}

My Milo boy, oh I love him!

Saige and Milo both had attitudes that day, I was not one bit suprised, notice Saige's thumb, out in EVERY picture we took. She had a small cut on it and it just had to be pointed out all day!

We had such a great day!

More postings to come, Christmas, everyday stuff, and all sorts of fun. No more crazy working and Matt got me a new nikon camera so that is going to be lots of fun!


caitlin said...

I am so glad you posted pictures of the wedding. All you McDonald girls know how to decorate for parties. I swear you all have the best taste.

Love your dress. Good call on that one. And we seriously need to find time to snap some pictures of your darling family!

(maybe when the sun stays in the sky longer we can do it during the week.)

Chris and Brittani Knudsen said...

WOW what a georgeous wedding, I have been to a reception at that farm but didn't remember it very well, it turned out beautifully. Love the family pics, glad to see Matt softening in his "OLD" age (ha ha ha!) Your kids are so darling, such a perfect mix of the both of you!

Bonnie said...

Hey it's pretty sad that I figured out you're posting again because of your comment on caitys blog! Keep posting, I love your pics and stories!