Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday MILO!!!

Happy Second Birthday my Milo boy. You are the funniest kid, and we are so happy to have you in our family!
Some of the things we love most about you:
-"big boy" attitude
-love for orange juice
- your love and patience with your sister, that is a special talent all in itself
-your GREAT head of hair that is by far the best in the house
-your sensitive heart
-your brave heart, you can trip, smack your head on the wall, roll over and jump right up and laugh
-how proud you are of your self when you sleep in your big boy bed
-willingness to share, wants to make sure EVERYONE has the same treat he has
-his love for all of us, each very unique but we feel very loved by our BIG BOY MILO!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, fun pictures to come of his small but very "up" party!!


caitlin said...

Wow he looks just like Matt! Love that hair, so darling!

Ford Fam said...

Happy Birthday Milo! Your girlfriend wishes you a happy Birthday too. Milo's and Brynnley's kids will have great hair!

Bonnie said...

Happy UP day Milo! We love you. Heather, thanks for a fun party... We loved it!

sadie said...

Happy Birthday Milo!! He has the best hair ever.