Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stay low and don't be scared! Mom get down.

Milo's preschool class took an awesome field trip to the fire station. I was excited cause I got to go. I'm usually working so don't get to go but Mr. Jep and I tagged along this time around.

They do a really cute tour, a movie and most of all teach the kids to not be afraid if they see a man in the big suit. I could see how as a little child it could be kind of scary.

Best part of the whole lesson though- a few weeks after the trip I was cooking and got a little side tracked. Which resulted in a bit of smoke in the kitchen. As I was fixing the "over cooked" food Milo came crawling in to the kitchen. I asked what he was doing and said that's what he learned from the fireman. "Stay low and don't be scared! Mom get down!" Milo said. Trust me the smoke was not bad at all but I was glad to know Milo learned some valuable lessons- and yes I crawled my way out if the kitchen just to show him I can listen too.


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