Monday, April 15, 2013

Favorite moments

There is so many milestones in the first year of life-smiles, laughs, talking, walking, eating, sleeping, and just being a perfect baby.

That first bath is one of my favorites. Being able to finally cut off the hospital bands, have that special bonding moment and making that baby smell so heavenly, you know that smell that doesn't last for very long!!
Mr. Jep didn't love his first bath, but since has learned to love his tub time. It was the first time the two of us were totally alone and I love that moment of knowing I'm all he's got to take care, love and nurture him, at that time.

Another favorite has been allowing Saige and Milo a turn to feed him. Breastfeeding can usually take that fun away but I knew how much it meant to them to help take care of their baby. So we pumped a little earlier and when baby Jep was ready to eat Saige and Milo were able to feed him. There was such a special feeling, such a love that my first two babies had for this little one. What a lucky guy Jep is. His two older siblings adore him and make sure his every need is taken care of.

I need to remember these smaller moment. Moments of silence, moments of laughter but most importantly moments of life. We are so lucky to be trusted with these spirits and I need to remember Heavenly Fathers hand and trust him to guide us in the right way to teach these kids. Cause heaven knows I could screw this up pretty quick!

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