Wednesday, May 25, 2011

salmonella blamanella

Craving cookies tonight. I usually want the cookies but once I start making them realize I just want a taste of the batter. So it usually results in lots of cookies sitting around the house and then get thrown away 3 weeks later. Tonight on the menu dark chocolate butterscotch chip cookies. So if you want to stop by anytime tonight there will be hot cookies waiting for you! Or if you teach my primary class like Julye did last week, you will probably get some delivered.

What's your thought on salmonella anyway? Does it scare you away from the dough?


Adhis said...

Heck yeah, it scares me! I am constantly washing my hands when I'm cooking or baking.

Someone told me a couple years ago that they went to Girls' Camp and they all thought it would be fun to eat raw cookie dough. They all ended up terribly sick. No, thank you!

But cookies? Yes, please!

bon bon said...

Oh my gosh... you just helped me figure out why I am always throwing cookies away, too! I love the dough, but not so much the cookies, unless they're fresh out of the oven. Hmmm... I think I will just stop baking them!