Monday, February 7, 2011

Hello, is anyone still here?

I have totally and completely neglected the whole blogging world. I do still check up on the faithful that continue to write and share their secrets with the world. But I have neglected my own personal blog, and to be honest, I really quite miss it. I am not a journaler, is that word?. Bonnie, my sister, has always was been so good to keep up on that but I tend to forget. And let's be honest, my life consists of one husband, two kids, 10 kids in our CTR class, fifty million cooking classes to plan, 100 million kitchen utensils and decor things to buy for the store,one trillion floors to clean and I have lost track of how many loads of laundry. Not that exciting is it? But it keeps me VERY busy! But after reading so many of the blogs around me, specifically the amazing friends and neighbors I have, I quickly realized that everyone is busy and we are all trying to get to the next day! So being busy is no longer my excuse for not blogging. I am counting on you 2 that read this still to keep me going and remind me to keep track of what we are doing an a daily basis, cause my memory is the worst and i will forget all the wonderful things my kids say and do. And the fun and messy times we have!

We will start this year with Matt. He is still working at Orson Gygi, many times people will ask do you guys like working together. I love it. I currently work with my Grandma, my Dad, usually one of my sisters, and my handsome husband. It is fun working with family. Matt has had to remind me that it is okay that we talk about things other than work. But we don't work too closely together on every day to day thing so it makes is wonderful. I love having a lunch partner and being able to just give him a kiss (shh dont tell) at work.

When he isnt putting in 80+ hours at Gygi's, Matt is finishing up his schooling at The Art Institute. He is loving it there and is really learning some wonderful things. He loves designing websites and ads for Gygi's and is really really good at it. He has gotten Saige to love it too. She gets frustrated when people distract her while she is trying to do some designs..... He hasn't done much fishing or hunting this past year, but things are looking up this year. He has been invited to do some great hunts this year with his Dad and he couldn't be more excited. We all love him very much and are so proud of what he does at work, school, and still makes time for the kids and I.

There were probably a million better pictures of our beautiful Saige, but this one portrayed her and her daily life perfectly. Here she is in one of my dresses, you can't see the 3 baby dolls she is holding, and behind her is her naked brother driving her crazy. She puts up with a lot at our house, and still has managed to be one of the smartest kids I know, every mom says that right?, but so true to herself. She LOVES to draw and write and color. She loves to be told that she is smart, and that her artwork is amazing. She steals my tape so she can hang her artwork and school work around her room. She is loving school and learning her letters really well. She just started dance class and loves it. Begs for Wednesdays to come, but they just cannot come quick enough. Her favorite thing to eat is probably potstickers, and edamame. Favorite color is still pink and is in love with anything princess. We love having her remind us to say our prayers and she says the sweetest things about our Heavenly Father. She really is intune to the spirit and has such a good reminder of why we are really here. I love calling her our daughter. One last thing, she is 4 going on 20. No joke I sometimes worry about the teen age years but tell myself that we are going through that now and when she is 13+ she will be a breeze.

For some reason Milo HATES to have his picture taken, so most of the pictures I have of him are with his head to the back of the picture, or with a cup to his mouth (that kid always has to have a drink with him!). MILO MILO MILO. He is such a funny kid. He just turned 3 a few weeks ago and it is hard for me to think that my little guy is 3. I dont have a baby anymore and its hard for me to accept that. He wants to be such a big kid and has really grown up the past 6 months. He finally is potty trained, all but the nights-we are working on it, he loves being a big guy and he told me last night, (matt is going out of town for a few days) that he will be the man, not the brother but the Man while Dad is gone. Out of no where he told us that. He loves to protect Saige and take care of her. They play a lot of princess and prince and he does such a good job at protecting the kingdom. Milo has the biggest heart, he will do anything for anyone, loves to share his favorite things, and at first can be a little shy but loves to be around people. His current obssession right now is super heroes and it is fun to see this BOY side of kids. I only had sisters so jumping, flying, shooting and saving the day is a little new for me. But we love it. Milo loves to eat salad, green beans, pizza and potstickers. His favorite colors and blue and green, and loves his blue blanket, white pillow, and sippy cup WAY too much.

Then there is me. Here I am waiting with Milo, and Josie (Candace's sweet sweet baby that we get to play with on Wednesdays!!) for Preston, Hank and Saige to get out of school. Matt sweetly traded in his beloved Tacoma and bought me a newer 4runner, one that had a 3rd row. We can now transport 7 people, and on Wednesdays we fill up nearly every seat. Between dance, school and errands every Wednesday seems to be spent in the car. Good thing for apple slices, juice and a movie!
I am still working 3 days at the store, and who knows what from home. I love it. I really do. It takes a lot from me but I love it. I love to hear everyone's good ideas, and trying to help people solve the problems they have with their chocolate, or cookies or cakes or WHATEVER! I never thought I would love working as much as I do, but it is just fun for me (well most days!). I couldn't do it without my sweet sister who comes over two days a week and plays with my kids. THEY LOVE THEIR AUNT STACI!!! Sometimes too much, they would choose her over me anyday! I will be indebt to her for her willingness to be with my kids forever!!!! And of course my sweet mom, if i have a class and matt has school she will take my kids till 10:00 at night and plan fun activities and yummy dinners for them. ( I came to get them the other night, and they had made dragons and lanterns to celebrate chinese new year!).
This year my goal is to figure out myself. I love to bake, i love to craft, and i love being a mom. I am going to use this blog to help keep me taking pictures, doing fun things together and just remembering that my kids will grow up way to fast and if I dont do these fun things with them now i will regret it for the rest of my life.
Keep reminding me of this, if you see me and i have not posted anything tell me i suck. (well in a nice way okay?)


Em said...

Glad to have you back

McKell&Janeene said...

Heather, you are awesome! I miss you, we really should get together. :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are blogging another blog to stock. I am excited you are Kalee's primary teacher. She was not happy when I told her she would have a new teacher in January. Thankyou for being a great neighbor. Julye

Shana Smith said...

Nice to have you back, kinda got sick of looking at the "Day one; traveling puppet show! You guys really are a BUSY BUSY family, I could never have that much going on at once, I would crash!! Love the kiddos they really are too cute!

Katie Jo said...

I am so glad you are back your kids are very cute!! We need to go on a girls night!!

Chris and Brittani Knudsen said...

Love this post, so glad to see what your cute family is up to!

Kristin said...

your the cutest!! I love that you updated! your such a great mom!! i can't believe your milo is 3 already! time flies!! miss you a whole bunch!

Kat said...

Heather, you are awesome! I am glad that I am not the only one who thinks she is incredibly busy. :) I love to read how you and your family are doing. You are gorgeous and have a darling family!