Sunday, September 14, 2008

gygi recipes

So after dragging my feet, and pure laziness, We have decided to start adding recipes to our Gygi blog. I really have failed as a "blogger" neglecting both blogs, but with many requests for recipes and how to use items we are selling at Gygi's I felt it was needed. So I am hoping by posting this and letting everyone know, it will keep me on the ball and add at least ONE recipe a week, and/or fun things to do. Just keep in mind- - I enjoy baking much more than cooking, so be patient with me if there are much more desserts than anything else, but when is dessert a bad thing??? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me if you have fun recipes, or just ideas, either here or on the gygi blog, orsongygi(dot)blogspot(dot)com, we are always interested in seeing what people can do! I am so amazed how creative everyone truly is! And if you are reading this and never been to Gygi's lets plan a field trip cause if you A) cook B) bake or c) breathe YOU NEED TO COME SEE WHAT A GREAT PLACE IT IS!!!!

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Adhis said...

You work at Gygi's? When? I always see you out in front of your house. ;)

And, no, I've never been there, but I've heard it's cool.