Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yard work....

So I feel that I haven't properly blogged for a while, now that there are no Jazz games keeping me up late and stressing, I haven't made a moment to sit. So here I am both kids asleep at 2:00 in the afternoon, leaving me a moment to think husband. Can I just brag for a moment?? Every time I step out into our yard, I am reminded how hard my husband works, we have the cutest yard (he'd kill me if he knew i said our yard was cute).


(Out the front door)
Often times at church or neighborhood functions I am asked what we do to our yard to make it so green and lush. Little do they all know, I would be the last to ask on the subject. Growing up I looked at yard work as the worst thing you could ever do, I would beg my Mom to let me do ANYTHING in the house to get out of yard work. Now my outlook has changed a bit, its still not my favorite thing, but seeing the fruits of matt's labor has changed my opinion. He is so good to come home water the flowers, and clean up the trash that the Lehi winds brought in, and he just so perfectly arranges things that makes our yard look so great.

(These are our peppers, Matt has become Farmer Smith, also planting corn, tomatoes, broccoli, pumpkins, and squash. YUMMY YUMMY SUMMER FOOD!!!)
Last Saturday he was changing some of the sprinkler heads, and I was just so amazed at how quick and effortlessly he did everything. I knew Matt was great at what he does, but it just reaffirms my thoughts of him when I can see him and his talents in action. And I wish I had better pictures for you all to see what he can truly do, he builds the most amazing waterfalls, he makes them look as if you moved your house right next to a natural river and forest. We are so lucky to have a great husband and dad to make our family look like we know what we are doing. So THANK YOU Matt for the fabulous house and yard. Saige and I love sitting by our water rock and listening to the water splash on to the cobble, all while we are eating our oranges and watching the boys across the street play on their tractors. You make our life wonderful!! WE LOVE YOU!!! Oh and Mom for the record-- I don't hate yard work anymore, its not that bad, and the little that I currently do is kind of therapeutic so now I see why you have enjoyed it for so many years, take out that frustration on those dang weeds.

( I love this tree, when we moved in it was so sad, hardly had leaves and just looked neglected NOW its loves us back)

(This is our basalt rock, its core drilled and has a pump that pushes water out the center and makes lovely sounds for Saige, Milo and Me to enjoy, it also brings perfect strangers to our yard, taking pictures, one day I will take theirs back!!)


Jenni said...

Good job Matt!! You guys do have an awesome yard...I am super impressed with the garden, you will have to teach Josh and I when we move home!!! Love and miss you...give those babies hugs and kisses!!!!

Kristin said...

Your home is so beautiful!! I am glad you put pics up!! Love and miss ya

jordan & ashleah said...

Heather you have become quite the blogger in your beginner days... Im impressed, you have way surpased my blogging skills. Props on the yard, if Matt finds any free time between the two kiddos, 6 ckickens, and a bitchin wife-send him to our yard

Abigail said...

Heather, remember when you were sleeping over at my house and you answered my door and it was Ricks dad and your like..Abbey, there's a farmer at your door? Oh my gosh, reading your blog when you said Matt was farmer Smith made me think about it. Seriously, I just think of all the fun times I had and most of them are involving you! LOVE the way your yard is incredible!

Anonymous said...

Great to read about you! And of course I love the pictures. Especially of my great grandchildren. Did you get the birthday card we made?

Love you more than you can know!

Grandma Smith

Bonnie said...

Gosh, I love your yard! It's been too long since we've been over. Maybe we can come get some tips on how to have a rockin' garden. Hey, what's with deleting your comment from my blog?? :) Everyone's wondering what happened!